School or Rock – Day 3 – Melody Basics


Write your daily summary last, at the end of the day here… Only one to two sentences.


How Melody Works

most music is on the pentatonic scale.

different civilizations came up with different scales of music (different scales).

universal agreement for instrument wasn’t reached until 1600s.

new keys were created through social evolution.


HookPad is easy to use, but because it only allows 1-7 as input, it doesn’t recognize if I want to put a high C. Some things need to be manually tweaked, but its simple enough. The rainbow color coding is easy to the eyes, associating each note with colors.



Create a work ethic that separates creativity from the rest of your day, yet foster creativity with different methods.

I noticed that I have ideas, but never act on it, since I’m too often distracted. After that the idea doesn’t feel as unique, and it gets discarded. Maybe I could improve this by carrying a small notepad and a pencil to write everything I come up with.


By Jamie Henke,

Melody Composition Terms

    • Theme – long, flowing melodic idea
    • Motive – a short rhythmic idea
    • Period – musical sentence
    • Phrase – a set within the music sentence (a sentence fragment)
    • Antecedent (Question) Phrase – first phrase, sets up the music
    • Consequent (Answer) Phrase – second phrase, responds to the first phrase
    • Scale Degrees –
      • Tonic – begins the scale and ends the scale. one scale degree, creating a sense of stability and resolution
      • Supertonic, Mediant, Submediant – tonics, need to move forward but significantly less force
      • Dominant, Subdominant, Leading Tone – has the most force, several scales that creates tension for the tonics to resolve
    • Steps – any movement using half or whole steps
    • Leaps –  any movement using intervals larger than whole steps
    • Conjunct motion – melody built out of steps
    • Disjunct motion – melody made out of leaps
    • Repetition – use repeated material to create a link between two phrases of period
    • Contrast – phrases contrasting with one another, but has enough similarities for them to work together. this could be two phrases with repeating segments in each other to tie it together, or similar beat layout
    • Variation – halfway between contrast and repetition. the two phrases include some recognizable materials and and varied materials

Melody Resources

Key of C Major Notes and Chords Chart (PDF)


Learn how to Create Tracks

Explore the Piano Roll, Drawing and Moving Notes

Learn to Edit Notes, Velocity, and More

Learn to Create Your Own Presets



I managed to enter two collaborations, one for a SpongeBob end theme remix, and another about the summer break. I learned how to write lyrics, or started on it at least. I’ll need more information on lyric writing to refine the idea I have. 

School or Rock – Day 2 – Basics and Foundations


I took my first step of creativity-based music education, and it was much more fun than I expected.



5:13 Most music uses 7 keys

6:23 scale name -> root name. Eg: C major starts at C

7:53 whole whole half, whole whole whole half relationship stands true with all major keys




Happier, motivational, or brighter songs were mostly in some type of a major key, while reflective and depressing songs had a minor key and were slower in tempo. “unique” songs that didn’t follow this format were generally in the pentatonic scale. 



I did not have the time to reflect today. We were still in the process of figuring things out.

STUDIO expert training

I messed around with a guitar I borrowed. My fingers hurt, and I think it was supposed to.


Get to Know the Studio

Explore the Regions

Explore Tracks

Soundtrap is a far easier tool to use than what I’ve experienced before. It’s so much intuitive and has a clean UI, with simple settings to create whatever I want. 


I learned how to play some of the common chords on the thicker E string of guitars. I did this together with two of my classmates, one a similar newbie as me and another guiding both of us along.