Session 2 Charles Fantasy Dating Simulator (CFDS) Game Production

We're All Just Pieces in a Puzzle

CC Image “We’re All Just Pieces in a Puzzle” by mikecogh


Three beginners made a second game, Charles Fantasy Dating Simulator. We were much more effective compared to our first one, but something happened.

21st Century Skills Demonstrated

Ways of Thinking

    • Creativity
      • I mostly came up with the rough idea, after my friend showed me a Tinder meme of a guy asking the girl he matched with to send the word “Bread” if she was a real person, not a chatbot. I wanted to add aliens to the game instead of the fantasy humanoids we decided on, but Charles heavily disagreed on that part of the idea.

Ways of Working

    • Collaboration & Communication
      • Our group was very effective at working together. we were the first group to pitch our MVP contents. We also used to communicate references we had whether it was for coding, art, or character backstory.

Tools for Working

    • Information & Media Literacy
      • I knew where to look up information, such as official and well-recognized websites like,, and One notable example of media literacy I experienced through Session 2 was Audacity’s file recognition add-ons. On Google search, there were unofficial sites that had malware under the guise of the Audacity files I recognized and didn’t install.

Ways of Living in the World

    • Life & Career
      • I adapted to my teammate’s idea of changing the aliens into fantasy even though I disagreed with it.

Charles Fantasy Dating Simulator

Team1 CFDS

The district tech team wiped two of the three computers we were working on. We didn’t save our data, so the Unity project itself was lost. This screenshot is of the Minimal Viable Product build we had in the Newton school drive.

Reactions to the Final Version

“… I look forward to seeing what your sound design and music will add to the mood of the game.” – Sam McCleary

“You did pretty well, you did pretty good.” – Jack Griffo

Evaluation of the Final Version

The game is about a fantasy dating app. The mechanics were simple as the player would click buttons depending on their decision. The game is unexpected as the potential dates for Charles comes with a variety of Soft Fantasy twists to your average dating app, such as a Centaur ranger or a Hag who thinks she’s way above your reach. The game is credible as it’s based on many dating apps that exist in real life. For example, on Tinder, the mechanic is to swipe right to accept, or swipe left to reject. The game is intended to be funny as the game (intended to) feature a degree of ridiculousness. There is no story page in the game we showed during the presentation because it didn’t get in the final version. 

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to create music on Garageband and edit sounds on Audacity. I also learned how to use the EQ system, though it wasn’t perfect. We also learned to back up the code due to an unfortunate event. Some problems I solved were being new at music tools, helping the artist with few sprites and helping a group member focus.