Recommendation for Charles B.

It’s rare to come across an incredibly motivational person like Charles. He professionally created the backbones of the games we worked on together, farther developing his skill on many aspects of Unity and game coding in just under half a year. Charle’s exemplary leadership has been impactful for everyone, his presence in the team drastically improves productivity. He can remain calm and composed in any stressful situations, providing effective insight into problems that could occur. Charles will prove to be a valuable employee in any setting.

Session 4 Recondite Ruby Game Production Post


With better tools and systems in place, this was our most productive session yet.

21st Century Skills Demonstrated

Ways of Thinking

    • Creativity
      • I created my own artworks for the game. The character is simple and charming, providing bright contrast compared to the background. The design is derived from the concept of a ‘fantasy druid’, but all the design aspects of the player character are my own work. I also created the menu screen and the wall, fitting it in with the aesthetic of the game.

Ways of Working

    • Communication
      • Our group spent 5 minutes at the beginning of the class period, utilizing the Scrum Framework to communicate what we did last class session and what we’ll be doing that day.

Tools for Working

    • Media Literacy
      • I used and to make sprites and flowchart, respectively. I used Photoshop to make the sprites and learned a lot about it during the process.

Ways of Living in the World

    • Leadership & Responsibility
      • I was the Scrum master in this session, managing the workflow and speed of the group.

Sam Fantasy Maze Generator

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.00.55 AM

Reactions to the Final Version

“Smooth, simple move states” – Sam George

“I really like the stylistic choices” – Nathaniel

Evaluation of the Final Version

The game is about finding the center of the procedurally generated maze before the timer runs out. The mechanics were simple, being WASD, collision, and a timer. The game is expected, it is reasonably inferred that the reward in the middle of the maze is a ruby, judging from the title. The game is concrete as it mimics what a person would experience in a real maze, complete with dead ends and annoying moments. Player Character’s physics is also designed to resemble the walking speed of a real human. The game is credible as mazes are something you see in real life (although infrequent), such as garden mazes for entertainment and artistic purposes.  

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I familiarized myself with Photoshop. I learned about being more efficient in my work, as well as managing my group as a whole. I also expanded my leadership skills with the Scrum framework, which we’ll continue to use throughout the year.