GameTest01 Game Production


CC Image “crusader” by mmango3


With five hours each week, we, a team of three members, made a game in three weeks. We learned how to be a good teammate and communicate with each other, and had a basic introduction to the tools we use in Game Design.


The goal of my cycle was to make a game that was simple for a beginner like my group while learning about the system we’ll be using for the rest of the year and spending our time efficiently as possible.

I found three scripts from Unity3d. com and compiled it to a new, simpler script that was easier to understand and worked faster. I also made the knight’s sword sprite to help out with the artist. In the post-production week, I implemented the sounds and the art sprites.

21st Century Skills Demonstrated

Ways of Thinking

      • Creativity
        • I generated ideas for the game during pre-production, both by myself and bouncing them on my teammates. They’re available here:
      • Innovation
        • Aside from Trello and Dundoc, we also made a group chat so we could utilize our time more efficiently. We used it for 1) refining game ideas that popped up throughout the day,  2) sharing progress with each other, 3) asking for input on decisions we had to make during production when a teammate was absent.
      • Critical Thinking
        • I shared and discussed the idea with my teammates. With the contents we had, we came up with the topic we made into the game after considering our knowledge.
      • Problem-solving
        • I looked up the problems I came across on Google and solved most of them. When I still couldn’t solve the issue, I asked the advanced students and Sam for help.

Ways of Working

      • Communication & Collaboration
        • We shared our progress frequently and asked for feedback and help from each other. Because of our different background experiences so far, we were able to help each other with their roles.

Tools for Working

      • Info & Media Literacy
        • I knew what to look for when I was looking up guides to solve issues that came up. Operating Unity was hard, but I got through it!

Ways of Living in the World

      • Life & Career
        • Because I want to be a medical psychologist, communicating with people and listening to them is a skill I need to master.

GameTest 01

GameTest01 SS

Reactions to the Final Version

Sam – “Clearly qualified what didn’t make into the game and what did.”

LeDuc – “Best presentation from the beginning students.”

Jack- “You guys did a good job getting a game ready.”

Evaluation of the Final Version

        • Simple
          • The game was really simple. The main concept was the knight damaging the dummy, and it was the only mechanic in the game.
        • Unexpected
          • There wasn’t any unexpected value in the game. We had a Crusader-looking knight with a sword and a wooden dummy. It was expected the dummy will get damaged in one way or another- and it did.
        • Concrete
          • While the game did not have any concrete idea that the players could invest time on, we did have a roughly accurate sense of time management during production and most of us did as much as possible with the time and resources we had.
        • Credible
          • It was simple enough to not be based on anything.
        • Emotional
          • If the player is emotional and pathetic, maybe they can feel slight remorse for the poor dummy.
        • Story
          • While there are no words in the game, by the knight destroying the dummy some players can wonder things like why the knight is doing the action? what is the knight training for?

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned the basics of coding and how to solve the errors that come along with it. Some things I learned were how the class names and file names needed to be the same for the script to work.  Another was making a “Background UI” for the game’s background, not just setting a sprite behind enemy and character sprites. I did this by looking it up on Google and asking for help from people only when I was really stuck.