School of Rock – Day 10 – Community


I started my leadership activity.


I plan to make a piece of self-written music.


  • Kevin Kelly Interview: Part 1 (Full Episode) from The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)
    • “He is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine, which he co-founded in 1993. He also co-founded the All Species Foundation, a non-profit aimed at cataloging and identifying every living species on earth. In his spare time, he writes bestselling books, co-founded the Rosetta Project, which is building an archive of ALL documented human languages and serves on the board of the Long Now Foundation. As part of the last, he’s investigating how to revive and restore endangered or extinct species, including the Wooly Mammoth.” – from YouTube video description
  • “Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review. He has also been a writer, photographer, conservationist, and student of Asian and digital culture.” – Wikipedia
  • he “packages ideas into books, magazines, and websites”, Kelly says.
  • it’s good to explore ‘slack’. This is discovering your options and interests, not choosing to go into the workforce due to the fear most people have (paying bills, putting food on the table, people expecting you to be working)
  • living a thrifty life is useful. even without it saving money, knowing how to survive poor helps with the anxiety that comes from thinking you’re gonna end up on the street one day. it helps with risk-taking.
  • he worked odd jobs in the US and traveled in Asia, a cycle of making money and then exploring the world.
  • voluntary poverty? voluntary simplicity? relation to stoicism?
  • focus on direct communication, direct and concrete (concrete vs convention) “write to think”
  • ^ relates to the concept of songwriting- write a descriptive paragraph and take pieces of that
  • passionate writing triumphs conventional writing
  • do work you enjoy – or rather, do work you don’t think you’ll hate (Kelly didn’t like the idea of teaching English. He just didn’t think it was worth his time)
  •  “what needs you, you specifically to work?”
  • write down ideas. if you have a vision for something, you have to be the one to work on it
  • give out ideas to other people, and have yourself work on things you can’t give away (generosity as a vetting process)
  • you have to start unsuccessful to be successful (money doesn’t buy solutions)
  • ‘accumulating enough money for other things is not a requirement’
  • things that bring you a lot of enjoyment are worth more than money (friends>money). technology/idea is devaluing money
  • write down how many days you have left in life, it’s very motivating.
  • (interview 2) (not to condone drugs, but) it may be useful to use drugs to open yourself outside of worldly things if individuals can be trusted to use them wisely (psychedelic experience is transformative)
  • to be human, we have to have a future to look for
  • focus on goals, family, and your priority, not money or external values



  • I spent the whole day listening to the interview, and it was pretty worth it. I think I have a new way of looking at life.


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