School of Rock – Day 7 – Planning and Pathways


I watched professional people demonstrate and rated my interest in the fields they showed me. 


Holistic Songwriting by Friedemann Findeisen

Screenshot from Holistic Songwriting’s Channel at YouTube

An Example: The Swift Formula – One Note Melodies

From Holistic Songwriting’s How Taylor Swift Writes Melodies at YouTube
From Holistic Songwriting’s How Taylor Swift Writes Melodies at YouTube
From Holistic Songwriting’s How Taylor Swift Writes Melodies at YouTube

Holistic Songwriting’s Artist Series

There are only three parts to a pop song. These are repeated throughout the song to create the emotion the listeners get. Limiting yourself to smaller options is also a good choice since restrictions mean more rigidity to work with. Chords aren’t a consideration when the song is being written, but when the music is transcribed for instruments. 

How interested in learning more about music theory and song analysis?

Your score: 3


Screenshot of Lyrics Melody and Chord Progressions from HookTab at YouTube

Generate the base chords first, and then modify some starting there. Write the chords first before you create the melody since chords are the melodies but ‘together’. Try to read the speed of the chords you’ve already made, and make the melody based off of that. 

How interested in learning more about HookLab and HookTab?

Your score: 3


Screenshot from Mary Spender’s YouTube Channel

Watch Mary Spender: Powerful advice from 10 Professional Musicians you need to hear (14:15)

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

117 Free Lessons YouTube Playlist

  • Screenshot from JustinGuitar.comBe curious about Justin.
  • Mr. Le Duc considers him the best beginning guitar teacher online. He’s not the only one that thinks this.  Check out some of the celebrity endorsements at

How interested in learning more about playing the guitar?

Your score: 4


Screenshot from Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter TED Talk on YouTube

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.  (20 minutes)

up to 10 years of your life can be gained through strengthening 4 different areas of yourself. This is social, physical, mental, and emotional resilience. 

How interested in these topics about the brain, creativity, and productivity?

Your score: 5


Screenshot from Holistic Songwriting at YouTube
Screenshot from Holistic Songwriting at YouTube

Holistic Songwriting: Do THIS with every song you write | Hit Song Architect S1E3

Write what was most interesting to you learned.

How interested in songwriting, song structure, and music production?

Your score: 4


Soundtrap mixing and publishing at Clark Eagling’s YouTube Channel

Clark Eagling: Soundtrap tutorial 5 – Arranging the song, Mixing and adding effects

How interested in recording, engineering (sound effects, EQ), and mixing?

Your score: 2


The rating system was interesting. I wrote a goal for myself, which can be viewed through the top right corner of my blog that says “Goal”. I provided feedback to Jared’s music composition, which is developing very nicely. I really like the Holistic Songwriting YouTube Channel, since he breaks down composition concepts into smaller pieces to help me conquer them one at a time. 


Content (The WHAT)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 4

I think I found a new YouTuber to binge while I play games, Holistic Songwriting’s content is phenomenal so far.

Process (The HOW)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 4

Watching the HookTheory composer go through the composition process was very demystifying.

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