Stretch Goal for April 2020

  • Role – Artist
  • SMART Goal – By April 30th, part of  <Myself>, I will have done the “AI for Beginners” course on Unity Learn every day. This doesn’t mean I’ll finish it, but spend around 30 minutes to an hour every day slowly learning the concepts.
  • Why – I always found the idea of AI’s interesting. It will be useful to have it in my skill as well as in games I could produce, like an intelligent enemy or situational helper for a beginner. Plus, It would teach me how some of the math codes would work.
  • How – By using the “AI for Beginners” course on Unity Learn, and my computer and phone. Once the deadline comes to be within 2 days, I’ll take a topic from the course and make my own AI from scratch, not using downloadable guide resources. This seems to be the only way I can provide proof since I’m on limited internet- 15 GB a month…
  • When – I will work on it every day until I finish it. I know some days I’ll be busy and some days not so. I’m not making a promise to myself on finishing it for this stretch goal but rather building a good habit of spending my time learning about topics I genuinely think will be good to have.
  • Resources – Unity / the course / YouTube videos to help me out (maybe?)
  • Milestones – Whatever I get through will suffice. I’ll continue it in May as a personal goal, even if I don’t finish it in April.
  • Heroines / Heroes – The first game I’ve ever noticed AI movement in was Pocket MapleStory when it came out on KR Server. It had an automatic travel option which made traversing around the map easier, and it was fascinating how my rogue would always be able to find the most optimal tiles to jump to. Another one I strongly remember was Mabinogi, but this time the NPC AI was absolute garbage, always getting stuck in objects.


This is a short video to demonstrate what I learned with April’s Stretch Goal. I chose automatic movement because it didn’t require me to make a tilemap. It was supposed to have audio, but I was unfamiliar with the program… so that didn’t record. (And my mom starting vacuuming the house.) The sprites are an inside reference to this short story my friend created.

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